Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage Disposal Replacement

Most homeowners utilize the kitchen to cook and prepare food for the family. The kitchen sink is the most used kitchen work station when it comes to cooking and preparing food. Most fruits, vegetables and meats will require washing to ensure cleanliness. Many food scraps make there way to the kitchen sink and will be ground into tiny pieces to pass through the drain. The garbage disposal is the appliance that grinds up all the food scraps that make their way to the kitchen sink.

There are many brands to choose from and the garbage disposal is priced by how much horse power the electric motor produces. Some garbage disposals have special features that make them more reliable such as automatically reversing to unjam or bio charge to help with septic systems. The garbage disposal can be sized determined on how often the kitchen is used to prepare meals. A family that eats out and never cooks may want to purchase a cheaper garbage disposal as the use will be minimal. A large family that cooks 3 meals and eats snacks all day would want a more expensive, more reliable garbage disposal to handle the food scraps and protect the plumbing drainage system better.

Garbage disposals grind food scraps differently, come in different sizes and some make the food waste pass through the drainage system better than others. The smaller the food scraps are, the easier they pass through the plumbing system. So the better the garbage disposal, the less likely you are to have clogged drains. For instance a disposal that does not grind food scraps to sizes smaller than coffee grounds will not grind the coffee grounds allowing them to easily pass through and become clogged as where a better garbage disposal grinds the food scraps to smaller than coffee grounds will grind coffee grounds even smaller making them pass through the plumbing drainage system with-out a drain clog.

The most popular brands are listed below

InSinkErator- https://insinkerator.emerson.com/en-us

Whirlaway- https://www.wasteking.com/whirlaway

Waste King- https://www.wasteking.com/

Consumer Report Best Brands-


There are many choices for today’s homeowner when it comes to choosing a garbage disposal. Choosing the best can be challenging fro today’s consumer because of advertising. The best place to look for advice for your next purchase is the local repair plumber. The plumber works with many brands and has the most accurate information when looking to compare different brands.

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Garbage Disposal Repair Lago Vista
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Grinder Pump Repair

Sewage Grinder Pump

Emergency plumbing problems never happen when it is convenient. The sewage grinder pump is a hard working piece of plumbing equipment that grinds up all the sewage from your home and pumps it into the city sewer. City sewage systems use forced main sewage systems due to excessive elevation changes. The sewage grinder pump lifts waste up hills to pushes it to the sewage treatment plant.

The sewage grinder pump should be installed with an alarm. The alarm may be a flashing red light, a buzzer or both. Not all sewage pumps are the same and not all sewage pumps are allowed in every city. The most commonly used grinder pumps in the Lago Vista and Leander area’s are 2hp grinder pumps.

There are a few different brands that have been installed in this area such as

grinder pump repair in lago vista tx
grinder pump in lago vista tx


Smith Pump- www.smithpump.com

Gould’s- www.gouldspumps.com

Liberty- www.libertypumps.com

The most common problem we see when servicing grinder pumps are foreign objects such as:



Wet Wipes

Shop Towels

Scrubber Pads


Cigarette filters


Wash Clothes


These items cause damage to the sewage pump and will result in emergency sewage pump repair or replacement. The life of the sewage pump is determined by how well you maintain the sewage system and how well you protect from foreign objects.

Grinder Pump installation in lago vista tx, residential plumbing repairs
Grinder Pump installation in lago vista tx

The most common repair we make to a sewage pump is unjamming it. The process to unjam is messy and can be costly on older equipment . The piping inside the basin should be of corrosion resistant metal or pressure rated PVC. The basin should be flushed and rinsed out once annually to promote reliable operation.

Not all plumbers are qualified to work on sewage pumps. The best sewage grinder pump repair technicians are not afraid to get dirty. The sewage grinder pump has to be removed from the basin to be unjammed. The impeller at the bottom of the sewage pump is removed to free of foreign objects. The sewage grinder pump is a submersible pump that works best when kept submerged in water. The sewage pumps operate by floats that switch the pump on and off.

When the floats become tangled or covered in grease they do not work properly causing the pump to malfunction.

Common Problems caused when floats hang up:

False Alarm Signals

Pump fails to operate properly and short cycles

Pump may continuously run causing thermal over load

Pump may not turn on causing sewage back up

To avoid damage to your sewage grinder pump please perform annual maintenance consisting of cleaning the pump basin and the floats.

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Plumbing Leaks

Water Leak Repair

Property owners experience many different types of water leaks in their homes. The most common water leaks are caused by plumbing pipes in walls, floors and ceilings. When water leaks from any plumbing pipe the area that gets wet is subject to damage. Water damage can cause health risks and structural damage to your home. Some health risks can include respiratory illness due microbial growth or even structural failure causing parts of the home to fall off while the homeowner is below.

Water Leak Detection

Most water leaks are plumbing emergencies and require a plumber to perform leak detection services. Some leaks require skilled plumbers to locate while other plumbing leaks are very obvious. Water leak repairs are performed by plumber and can be as simple as tightening a nut under the sink on a water shut off valve. Some water leaks may show themselves on one side of the home and actually be leaking on the other side in a different area. Water leak repair can require skilled plumbers that understand how plumbing systems are installed during the construction phase of your home.

When a re-pipe is needed.

Water leak repair may require multiple holes to be cut in the walls to locate the water leak. Many plumbers do not repair walls after the water leak is repaired. In some cases where the water pipes structural integrity is compromised a whole home re-pipe may be needed. It is important to hire the proper water leak repair plumber. Many options can be presented when the plumber locates the water leak.

Certain types of pipe that should be replaced.

Certain types of water pipe should be replaced when water leaks occur.

Galvanized water or drain piping should be replaced

Steel Pipe used in the water piping system

Copper piping that has been used for electrical bonding

Copper piping that has not been reamed or that has dents

Copper pipes that are touching steel hangers or supports

Poly Butylene

Certain types of drain piping should be replaced when water leaks occur

Galvanized steel pipe

Cracked Cast Iron Soil Pipe

Hanging Cast Iron Pipe that is not hung to provide proper slope to drain

Galvanized Branch Lines for kitchen Drains

Asbestos Sewer Pipe

Clay Sewer Pipe

Concrete sewer pipe

These pipe types will always cause problems. Leaving you in need of plumbing water leak repair.

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Video Chat a Plumber

Emergency Plumbing Estimates Using Live Video Chat

Live video chat allows customers to show local plumbers the problem before the plumber drives out. Plumbers that give estimates prior to driving out save the shopping customer time and money. Live video chat saves time when the customer needs to get multiple estimates or in need of emergency plumbing service. Plumbers need to see the plumbing problem before they drive out to accurately price the repair.

Emergency Plumbing Service

Homeowners often need emergency water leaks fixed and do not know where to turn off the water. Live video chat allows the plumbing company to have a technician show you where to turn off the water before they drive out. Many homeowners lack simple knowledge of their plumbing system and spend much of their time searching for the best plumber to call. Homeowners can easily get lured into giving personal information while searching to find a local company. Many search results show the plumbing company that pays the most to be seen by the shopping customer. The best local plumbers may not be advertising for a particular search phrase leaving you with frustrating options.

Benefits of Using Live Video Chat

Local Plumbing Companies that utilize Live Video Chat offer the customer a higher level of service at a lower cost in less amount of time. Live Video Chat is scheduled by the customer and can be performed in less than 20 minutes from the time a homeowner discovers a plumbing problem. Homeowners can shop for the best plumber much faster than before. Live video chat allows the technician to see the problem in real-time and show up with the correct part to complete the repair.

Eco-friendly Plumber

There are not many ways plumbers can help reduce the carbon footprint they leave. However the use of live video chat does reduce driving by 20% when used to give price estimates, perform quality control inspections or perform onsite training. Live video chat reduces the amount of trips it takes to perform these operational procedures.

Live video chat provides a path for the local plumber to instruct homeowners to adjust and maintain items such as:

Flushing water heaters

Adjusting water temperature to tubs and showers

Tightening toilet bowls

Cleaning Faucet aerators

Diagnosing drain problems

Remodel consultations

New Faucet Selections

Homeowners put plumbing problems face to face with plumbers when they use local plumbers on Video Chat A Pro to get plumbing prices before they wait.