How do you choose a plumbing company?

We are constantly working on our customer experience here at Can Do Plumbing. We think about our personal experiences with other service businesses and analyze what we liked and didn’t like. We then do our best to apply this to our own plumbing business.

So how do you choose a plumbing company?

  • Price
  • Availability
  • Reviews
  • All of the above

The cost of a plumbing repair.

At Can Do Plumbing we are upfront about all plumbing repair costs. We have a price book called the “Fair and Square Pricing Book.” We created this pricing system to make it so every repair was priced fairly. So instead of charging by the hour we have certain tasks with a set price. This way you know the price before and if it takes us longer then normal then it doesn’t cost you more.

We are also always upfront about our dispatch fee. We charge based on where you are located and if it’s after hours. Our call taker will let you know this charge before scheduling your service. This fee is to cover the costs involved with dispatching a technician. This includes the travel time, fuel, and the initial evaluation of the plumbing issue. A common question that people ask is if this fee is taken off if they choose to have the work done. No, this fee is a separate line item on the invoice and is charged.

How do we compare to other local plumbing companies with pricing?

We have found from what our customers say we are very reasonably priced. Some plumbing companies charge a service fee and some do not. We have seen that the ones that do not charge a fee are not upfront about their pricing and it becomes a surprise situation. We would rather be honest in what we need in order to provide you a service. The simple fact is you need a service done and we are here to provide that service. We try to keep things as simple as possible.

How fast the plumbing company can be there?

We like to get things done quickly. We do not like having a big schedule of customers waiting for their plumbing repair to be done. Your service is usually scheduled for the same day or the next day. If it’s an emergency we will schedule for the same day. Of course, if you would like to schedule further out we will.

Do you check reviews for the plumbing company?

Reviews of companies is a great way for you to make sure your experience will be a good one. We are proud to be highly recommended by many of our neighbors. Our plumbing technicians do a great job providing exceptional service. Check out some of our reviews below and on Google.

Next time you are looking for a local plumbing company in Lago Vista, Leander, or Cedar Park choose Can Do.