How do you choose a plumbing company?

We are constantly working on our customer experience here at Can Do Plumbing. We think about our personal experiences with other service businesses and analyze what we liked and didn’t like. We then do our best to apply this to our own plumbing business.

So how do you choose a plumbing company?

  • Price
  • Availability
  • Reviews
  • All of the above

The cost of a plumbing repair.

At Can Do Plumbing we are upfront about all plumbing repair costs. We have a price book called the “Fair and Square Pricing Book.” We created this pricing system to make it so every repair was priced fairly. So instead of charging by the hour we have certain tasks with a set price. This way you know the price before and if it takes us longer then normal then it doesn’t cost you more.

We are also always upfront about our dispatch fee. We charge based on where you are located and if it’s after hours. Our call taker will let you know this charge before scheduling your service. This fee is to cover the costs involved with dispatching a technician. This includes the travel time, fuel, and the initial evaluation of the plumbing issue. A common question that people ask is if this fee is taken off if they choose to have the work done. No, this fee is a separate line item on the invoice and is charged.

How do we compare to other local plumbing companies with pricing?

We have found from what our customers say we are very reasonably priced. Some plumbing companies charge a service fee and some do not. We have seen that the ones that do not charge a fee are not upfront about their pricing and it becomes a surprise situation. We would rather be honest in what we need in order to provide you a service. The simple fact is you need a service done and we are here to provide that service. We try to keep things as simple as possible.

How fast the plumbing company can be there?

We like to get things done quickly. We do not like having a big schedule of customers waiting for their plumbing repair to be done. Your service is usually scheduled for the same day or the next day. If it’s an emergency we will schedule for the same day. Of course, if you would like to schedule further out we will.

Do you check reviews for the plumbing company?

Reviews of companies is a great way for you to make sure your experience will be a good one. We are proud to be highly recommended by many of our neighbors. Our plumbing technicians do a great job providing exceptional service. Check out some of our reviews below and on Google.

Next time you are looking for a local plumbing company in Lago Vista, Leander, or Cedar Park choose Can Do.

Toilet Repair

Common Toilet Issues and the Reasons Why They Occur

From toilets flushing on their own to toilets not flushing at all.

Check out these common toilet issues and see some of the options for one of our plumbers to repair or if a replacement toilet would be a better option.

Can Do Plumbing is here to help you with any of these common toilet repair issues in Lago Vista, Point Venture, Leander, Cedar Park and Marble Falls.

Toilet Problem 1: Water Trickling Into the Toilet Bowl

One common toilet issue is when the water trickles into the bowl at random times. Sometimes your toilet may even flush spontaneously. No, you probably don’t have a ghost playing tricks on you. What most likely is happening is a slow leak from the tank to the bowl. This is caused by a bad flapper and replacing the flapper is the solution. A toilet flapper can become worn and is a part that most commonly needs to be replaced.

Toilet Problem 2: Weak Flushing Toilet

Does your toilet flush very slowly? A weak flushing toilet can be caused by clogged rim jets. The rim jets or bowl jets on a toilet are under the rim of the toilet bowl. When these become clogged with scale build up the toilet begins to have a weak flush. To fix a weak flushing toilet you can try to clean the little holes out with a small wire. 

If the problem continues there could be another issue or it may be time for a new toilet. Upgrading to a newer style toilet helps improve water efficiency in your home. Toilets built before 1982 use 5 to 7 gallons of water to flush. Now, toilets use 1.6 gallons of water to flush. There are many technology upgrades with toilets today that allow them to use less water and have a better flush. 

Did you know that the federal government made a policy that states any toilet installed after 1994 must have a flush volume of 1.6 gallons?

The Energy Policy Act of 1992.

Toilet Problem 3: Toilet Clogs Frequently

It is never fun dealing with a toilet that frequently clogs. You may be way too familiar with how to use a plunger. Sometimes even a plunger doesn’t fix the clog and you will have to use a toilet auger.

The reason for frequent clogs can be several different things including objects causing an obstruction, issue with venting, main sewer line problems and age of toilet.

Over time the glazing on the china wears down in the toilet trapway causing items to get clogged. 

When a vent gets blocked or the vent is installed improperly or missing the toilet may gurgle, flush poorly or you may notice bad sewer smells.

If you notice other drains backing up the issue could be farther down the drain line or even the main sewer line to your home. Main sewer lines get damaged from roots, settlement and age.

Toilet Problem 4: Leak Coming from Various Spots of the Toilet

There are normally about five different seals on your toilet that can cause a leak. These seals wear over time and cause small leaks. Sometimes it is difficult to find where the leak is coming from. The first seal is where the tank connects to the bowl. There are also smaller seals for the mounting bolts and at the base of the ballcock.

The last seal is at the base of the toilet at the toilet flange. This seal is called a wax ring. A leak at the base of the toilet can cause a lot of damage to your floor and even root out your floor completely. Caulking around the base of the toilet is not an adequate solution because it only traps the water under the toilet. To fix this issue the toilet needs to be removed, wax ring replaced and the toilet installed again.

While the toilet is removed you will need to make sure there isn’t a more major issue once you can see the toilet flange. Rocking toilets can cause the toilet flange to break.

Toilet Problem 5: Toilet Not Flushing at All

Improper replacement of any of the toilet parts can result in the toilet not flushing at all. 

Watch the video below of the master plumber explaining what has happened with this diy plumbing flush valve replacement on a toilet. This homeowner scheduled a plumbing pro to help figure out why the toilet had a constant water trickle into the bowl.

The master plumber on Video Chat a Pro talks about capillary action and automatic siphon.

Capillary action is the ability of a liquid to flow in narrow spaces without the assistance of, or even in opposition to, external forces like gravity.

He also mentions that what the homeowner has created on accident is an automatic siphon.

The two things done with this diy toilet repair was inserting the fill tube into the the flush valve tube too far which created capillary action. The water level in the tank was also too high which caused the automatic siphon. There is a small clip that the fill tube attaches to at the top of the flush valve tube. If this is not installed properly it will cause this issue. The fill tube can be shortened so it is adjusted to the right length.

There are many small adjustments that can be made inside the toilet tank to adjust the function of the toilet. Plumbers have the knowledge of all of these adjustments and how toilets work. Can Do Plumbing is here to help you with your toilet repair.

Toilet Problem 6: Wobbly Toilet

The issue of a wobbling toilet can be irritating and may cause more damage to your toilet and toilet flange so it is important to repair this issue. The most likely cause of a wobbly or rocking toilet is loose toilet bolts. 

The toilet flange could also be causing the issue. The flange could be broken, corroded or even set too high. The wax ring could also be too high. The toilet could have been originally installed incorrectly or the problem has occured over time.

I know there seems to be a lot that can go wrong with something people normally think should last a lifetime. However, toilets are one of the most used things in our home and they have a lot of working parts that degrade over time. If installed improperly more serious issues can occur.

When should you replace a toilet vs repairing your old toilet?

There are several factors to consider when deciding if it’s time for a new toilet.

  • Age of the toilet. Any toilet older than 1982 should certainly be replaced.
  • Scale build up. If your toilet has a major amount of scale build up it may be time to send her to the toilet graveyard.
  • Wear of tank parts. If everything looks to be in bad shape and all the parts are needing to be replaced it may be less expensive and easier to get a new toilet.
  • Clogs happen often.

Can Do Plumbing has the ability to video chat with you to see your toilet issue and give you a repair estimate. We can also give you estimates on replacing your toilet.

We are located in Lago Vista and provide plumbing in Lago Vista, Leander, Point Venture, Jonestown, Cedar Park and Marble Falls.

Water Heater Repair

Tips for Maintaining Your Water Heater

How long should you expect your water heater to last?

We see water heaters continue to operate properly on average 10-12 years. If maintained regularly they can last more than 12 years. There are different factors that determine the life of your water heater. We will go over installation and regular maintenance.

Regular Maintenance for Water Heaters

Anode Rod Water Heater maintenance
Anode Rod Water Heater

Anode Rod

Water heater tanks are made of steel and have a thin layer of glass to line the metal to protect it from corrosion. The lining cracks overtime and the second line of defense is the anode rod.

The anode rod is a sacrificial piece of metal that attracts corrosive material, corroding the anode rod instead of the steel tank. But what happens when the anode rod is completely corroded? This is when you start to see corrosion on your water heater tank and causing leaks.

When do I replace the water heater anode rod?

We recommend replacing the anode rod about every 5 years depending on the quality of your water. This can extend the life of your water heater and minimize the risk of leaks.

If you are interested in having the anode rod in your water heater replaced, schedule with us to provide water heater maintenance.

Flush Your Water Heater 

We recommend flushing your water heater a few times a year. The older your water heater is the more often this will be needed. The reason we recommend flushing the water heater is to remove sediment build up in the water heater. Can Do Plumbing provides water heater flushes to help extend the life of your water heater.

How does flushing your water heater help?

Removes Sediment

Flushing your water heater removes sediment which increases the efficiency due to less sediment being heated along with the water. The most common culprit of water heater failure is sediment buildup. If you have an electric water heater sediment can cause additional issues to the operation.

Improves Heating Speeds

If your water heater has sediment build up it will take longer for the water and sediment to heat up rather than the water alone. The water will also become cold faster with the sediment.

Reduce Water Heater Noise

A noisy water heater in most causes means there is buildup inside. When there is sediment in the water heater it causes the water to circulate differently causing strange noises.

Reduce Energy Costs

The longer it takes for your water heater to heat the more energy it is using. Customers notice a reduction in energy consumption when a new water heater is installed.

Avoid Foul Smells

Sediment causes trapped water which creates stagnant water. This can be unpleasant and unsanitary.

Proper Installation to Extend the Life of Your Water Heater

One major factor in the life of your water heater is how it was originally installed. There are many things that can go wrong during a water heater installation. We have seen many improper installs that cause leaks, fumes and pressure build up.

thermal expansion water heater
Thermal Expansion Water Heater

Expansion Tanks

One required part of a water heater installation is an expansion tank. The expansion tank absorbs thermal expansion from the heating of the water. If your water heater does not have an expansion tank it can cause damage to the water heater, pipes, fittings, and valves.

If you would like to save on energy costs and extend the life of your water heater then scheduling for regular water heater maintenance may be a good option for you. If you would like to make sure your water heater was originally installed correctly we can inspect your water heater by video chat.

Can Do Plumbing provides plumbing repair and service in Lago Vista, Point Venture, Jonestown, Marble Falls, Cedar Park and Leander. If you need a plumber to make sure your water heater will last as long as possible give Can Do Plumbing a call.

Helpful Links

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Bradford White Water Heater

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Grinder Pump Repair

Grinder Pump Maintenance

Bio-Clean is a safe and effective grinder pump maintenance product. Our plumbers at Can Do Plumbing have been working on grinder pumps for years and know the most common issues that cause grinder pumps to fail. We are here to help minimize breakdowns of your grinder pump.

  • Grease, wipes, feminine products and other items.
  • Floats installed incorrectly
  • Electrical issues
  • Incorrect sizing of grinder pump
  • Incorrect type of grinder pump
  • Inlet pipe too deep in basin making the pump run more than necessary.
  • Grinder pump basin not deep enough also making it run more often.
  • Grinder pump feet incorrectly installed or deteriorated.

We recommend several things to keep your grinder pump operating properly for as long as possible.

  1. Have your grinder pump checked to make sure it was originally installed properly.
  2. Clean your basin and floats every 6 months. (We provide this service.)
  3. Do not put any grease, wipes or other items in your drains.
  4. Use Bio-Clean monthly to reduce build up.

What is Bio-Clean?

Bio-Clean is a blend of bacteria and enzymes that attacks organic wastes like grease, food, paper, cotton and sewage. It is safe for the environment, your family and your pipes.

bioclean for grinder pumps
Can Do Plumbing

Don’t use harsh chemicals.

We recommend not using harsh chemicals in your drains such as drain-o. These chemicals cause damage to your pipes and grinder pump. Bio-Clean creates no heat, fumes or boiling. It also does not attack live tissue or inorganic items.

How does Bio-Clean work?

Bio-clean changes organic items into water, carbon dioxide and mineral ash which becomes available to plant life. Within an hour of being disbursed to your plumbing system the bacteria begins to eat their way through the organic matter.

How much does it cost?

A 2 lb. container has 100 drain treatments. We recommend using a treatment in each drain every month. On an average house this would cost 7 to 8 dollars a month. A 2 lb. container is $49.95 and should last about 6 months.

How much could this save me?

A maintenance plan using Bio-Clean could save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs and replacements.

How do I order Bio-Clean?

Click here to go to our checkout online. Bio-Clean can be delivered to your doorstep.

Schedule here for a grinder pump check or cleaning.

Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage Disposal Replacement

Most homeowners utilize the kitchen to cook and prepare food for the family. The kitchen sink is the most used kitchen work station when it comes to cooking and preparing food. Most fruits, vegetables and meats will require washing to ensure cleanliness. Many food scraps make there way to the kitchen sink and will be ground into tiny pieces to pass through the drain. The garbage disposal is the appliance that grinds up all the food scraps that make their way to the kitchen sink.

There are many brands to choose from and the garbage disposal is priced by how much horse power the electric motor produces. Some garbage disposals have special features that make them more reliable such as automatically reversing to unjam or bio charge to help with septic systems. The garbage disposal can be sized determined on how often the kitchen is used to prepare meals. A family that eats out and never cooks may want to purchase a cheaper garbage disposal as the use will be minimal. A large family that cooks 3 meals and eats snacks all day would want a more expensive, more reliable garbage disposal to handle the food scraps and protect the plumbing drainage system better.

Garbage disposals grind food scraps differently, come in different sizes and some make the food waste pass through the drainage system better than others. The smaller the food scraps are, the easier they pass through the plumbing system. So the better the garbage disposal, the less likely you are to have clogged drains. For instance a disposal that does not grind food scraps to sizes smaller than coffee grounds will not grind the coffee grounds allowing them to easily pass through and become clogged as where a better garbage disposal grinds the food scraps to smaller than coffee grounds will grind coffee grounds even smaller making them pass through the plumbing drainage system with-out a drain clog.

The most popular brands are listed below

InSinkErator- https://insinkerator.emerson.com/en-us

Whirlaway- https://www.wasteking.com/whirlaway

Waste King- https://www.wasteking.com/

Consumer Report Best Brands-


There are many choices for today’s homeowner when it comes to choosing a garbage disposal. Choosing the best can be challenging fro today’s consumer because of advertising. The best place to look for advice for your next purchase is the local repair plumber. The plumber works with many brands and has the most accurate information when looking to compare different brands.

Call Can Do Plumbing at 512-551-8227.

Visit https://candoplumber.com/plumber/kitchen-faucet-3/

Garbage Disposal Repair Lago Vista
Can Do Plumbing
Grinder Pump Repair

Sewage Grinder Pump

Emergency plumbing problems never happen when it is convenient. The sewage grinder pump is a hard working piece of plumbing equipment that grinds up all the sewage from your home and pumps it into the city sewer. City sewage systems use forced main sewage systems due to excessive elevation changes. The sewage grinder pump lifts waste up hills to pushes it to the sewage treatment plant.

The sewage grinder pump should be installed with an alarm. The alarm may be a flashing red light, a buzzer or both. Not all sewage pumps are the same and not all sewage pumps are allowed in every city. The most commonly used grinder pumps in the Lago Vista and Leander area’s are 2hp grinder pumps.

There are a few different brands that have been installed in this area such as

grinder pump repair in lago vista tx
grinder pump in lago vista tx


Smith Pump- www.smithpump.com

Gould’s- www.gouldspumps.com

Liberty- www.libertypumps.com

The most common problem we see when servicing grinder pumps are foreign objects such as:



Wet Wipes

Shop Towels

Scrubber Pads


Cigarette filters


Wash Clothes


These items cause damage to the sewage pump and will result in emergency sewage pump repair or replacement. The life of the sewage pump is determined by how well you maintain the sewage system and how well you protect from foreign objects.

Grinder Pump installation in lago vista tx, residential plumbing repairs
Grinder Pump installation in lago vista tx

The most common repair we make to a sewage pump is unjamming it. The process to unjam is messy and can be costly on older equipment . The piping inside the basin should be of corrosion resistant metal or pressure rated PVC. The basin should be flushed and rinsed out once annually to promote reliable operation.

Not all plumbers are qualified to work on sewage pumps. The best sewage grinder pump repair technicians are not afraid to get dirty. The sewage grinder pump has to be removed from the basin to be unjammed. The impeller at the bottom of the sewage pump is removed to free of foreign objects. The sewage grinder pump is a submersible pump that works best when kept submerged in water. The sewage pumps operate by floats that switch the pump on and off.

When the floats become tangled or covered in grease they do not work properly causing the pump to malfunction.

Common Problems caused when floats hang up:

False Alarm Signals

Pump fails to operate properly and short cycles

Pump may continuously run causing thermal over load

Pump may not turn on causing sewage back up

To avoid damage to your sewage grinder pump please perform annual maintenance consisting of cleaning the pump basin and the floats.

Call Can Do Plumbing at 512-551-8227

Schedule at candoplumber.com to have annual maintenance performed on your grinder pump today.  

Plumbing Leaks

Water Leak Repair

Property owners experience many different types of water leaks in their homes. The most common water leaks are caused by plumbing pipes in walls, floors and ceilings. When water leaks from any plumbing pipe the area that gets wet is subject to damage. Water damage can cause health risks and structural damage to your home. Some health risks can include respiratory illness due microbial growth or even structural failure causing parts of the home to fall off while the homeowner is below.

Water Leak Detection

Most water leaks are plumbing emergencies and require a plumber to perform leak detection services. Some leaks require skilled plumbers to locate while other plumbing leaks are very obvious. Water leak repairs are performed by plumber and can be as simple as tightening a nut under the sink on a water shut off valve. Some water leaks may show themselves on one side of the home and actually be leaking on the other side in a different area. Water leak repair can require skilled plumbers that understand how plumbing systems are installed during the construction phase of your home.

When a re-pipe is needed.

Water leak repair may require multiple holes to be cut in the walls to locate the water leak. Many plumbers do not repair walls after the water leak is repaired. In some cases where the water pipes structural integrity is compromised a whole home re-pipe may be needed. It is important to hire the proper water leak repair plumber. Many options can be presented when the plumber locates the water leak.

Certain types of pipe that should be replaced.

Certain types of water pipe should be replaced when water leaks occur.

Galvanized water or drain piping should be replaced

Steel Pipe used in the water piping system

Copper piping that has been used for electrical bonding

Copper piping that has not been reamed or that has dents

Copper pipes that are touching steel hangers or supports

Poly Butylene

Certain types of drain piping should be replaced when water leaks occur

Galvanized steel pipe

Cracked Cast Iron Soil Pipe

Hanging Cast Iron Pipe that is not hung to provide proper slope to drain

Galvanized Branch Lines for kitchen Drains

Asbestos Sewer Pipe

Clay Sewer Pipe

Concrete sewer pipe

These pipe types will always cause problems. Leaving you in need of plumbing water leak repair.

Call Can Do Plumbing at 512-551-8227

Visit candoplumber.com for more information.

Video Chat a Plumber

Emergency Plumbing Estimates Using Live Video Chat

Live video chat allows customers to show local plumbers the problem before the plumber drives out. Plumbers that give estimates prior to driving out save the shopping customer time and money. Live video chat saves time when the customer needs to get multiple estimates or in need of emergency plumbing service. Plumbers need to see the plumbing problem before they drive out to accurately price the repair.

Emergency Plumbing Service

Homeowners often need emergency water leaks fixed and do not know where to turn off the water. Live video chat allows the plumbing company to have a technician show you where to turn off the water before they drive out. Many homeowners lack simple knowledge of their plumbing system and spend much of their time searching for the best plumber to call. Homeowners can easily get lured into giving personal information while searching to find a local company. Many search results show the plumbing company that pays the most to be seen by the shopping customer. The best local plumbers may not be advertising for a particular search phrase leaving you with frustrating options.

Benefits of Using Live Video Chat

Local Plumbing Companies that utilize Live Video Chat offer the customer a higher level of service at a lower cost in less amount of time. Live Video Chat is scheduled by the customer and can be performed in less than 20 minutes from the time a homeowner discovers a plumbing problem. Homeowners can shop for the best plumber much faster than before. Live video chat allows the technician to see the problem in real-time and show up with the correct part to complete the repair.

Eco-friendly Plumber

There are not many ways plumbers can help reduce the carbon footprint they leave. However the use of live video chat does reduce driving by 20% when used to give price estimates, perform quality control inspections or perform onsite training. Live video chat reduces the amount of trips it takes to perform these operational procedures.

Live video chat provides a path for the local plumber to instruct homeowners to adjust and maintain items such as:

Flushing water heaters

Adjusting water temperature to tubs and showers

Tightening toilet bowls

Cleaning Faucet aerators

Diagnosing drain problems

Remodel consultations

New Faucet Selections

Homeowners put plumbing problems face to face with plumbers when they use local plumbers on Video Chat A Pro to get plumbing prices before they wait.

Toilet Repair

New Toilets? Tips to choose the best toilet.

The toilet is working everyday of the year, even if you are unaware of it.

Yes, that’s right the toilet is always working. The toilet tank is made up of various components that allow water to fill, water to pass, and water to stay.

Toilet Fill Valve

The various components direct water to fill the tank with water and is known as the fill valve. The component used in the toilet tank that controls the level of water that the fill valve allows to enter is known as a float and connects to the fill valve.

Toilet repair

Older toilets utilized a float that consisted of a metal rod with a metal or plastic ball fixed to the end of the rod that pushed a button at the top of the fill valve to open and close the fill valve. The fill valve also contains a device known as a vacuum breaker that prevents the water from being siphoned from the toilet tank back into the potable water system and is above the water level in the toilet tank.

Trap Primer

The component that serves as a form of tank overflow is know as the trap primer. The trap primer tube is connected to the fill valve and allows water to fill the trap while the tank is filling. This component also acts as a vent to allow air to enter the flush valve as the toilet flushes. The component that is used to flush the toilet is the same component that acts a vent.

toilet repair Can Do Plumbing

Toilet Flapper

The device that directs the proper amount of water to travel from the tank to the bowl is known as the flapper. The flapper is designed to follow the water down as it drains into the bowl and close the flush valve. As the water from the toilet tank fills the toilet bowl the toilet flushes and all the water in the bowl drains or leaves the toilet bowl.

Slow Flushing Toilets

Slow flushing toilets can be a result of mineral build up in the toilet bowl and the passages that allow water and air to travel.

Clogged Toilet

Clogging toilets can be a result of worn trap ways and even build up in the toilet trap way that reduces the size of the trap way.

Better or Worse Toilets

The differences between toilets making them better or worse is the diameter of the trap way. The bigger the trap diameter the more likely your stool will make it through. Most toilets have glazed trap ways to provide a smooth surface for the solids to slide through, how ever small trap ways allow you stool to sand the glazing off after years of different stool rubbing their way through the trap. Larger poops require larger traps to pass through, however that is not how toilets are sold. Most cheap toilets are trap sizes 2” and the more expensive toilets are 2 1/8” trap way. The larger trap way allows for a better experience from your toilet and are less likely to clog due to large loads. Also, the movement of the water through the bowl as Kohler calls Class 5 or Toto Tornado more effective flushing systems.

Flush System Type

Flush system refers to the type and size of the flush valve. These higher quality toilets also have larger flush valves to allow water to move through much faster at a larger volume than the older toilets do. The dual flush toilets reduce the amount of water that is flushed by controlling the flush valve flapper to allow less water to pass through to the bowl.

Low Consumption Toilets

Low consumption toilets work better than older toilets because the water moves from the tank to the bowl pushing the waste though the trap way faster and at a larger volume. Toilets with smaller flush valve start to have problems because the water does not move through the toilet as efficiently as before. The years of mineral build up slows the water causing weak flush. The glazing begins to wear off and the toilet begins to clog after years of use

When your toilets start acting up, show us! Problem free flushing is just a click away.

Video Chat a Plumber

Why Choose Can Do Plumbing?


Can Do Plumbing is a Texas State Licensed local plumbing repair company that has 23 years experience in all aspects of residential plumbing.

Customer Service

Our team of plumbers, plumbing apprentices and the office staff are customer service oriented and focused on providing the most reliable plumbing repairs at an affordable price. The team is trained by RMP-37591 and is in direct supervision at all times to gain training in the field. We offer many options to see your plumbing repair to price properly.

In Home or Video Chat Estimates

To date we offer 2 paths to see your plumbing problem the traditional path which requires a technician to drive out to diagnose the problem and provide repair options or a technological approach that saves time. With today’s technology we are now able to provide a path for you to show our plumbing repair estimator your plumbing problem to get an accurate price before we drive out. This new live video chat service is easy to use, it is sent to our customers as a text message and an email. There are no downloads and the service is accessed from a smart phone.

We encourage our customers to shop for the most valuable plumbing repair price before they invest time waiting for other plumbers to drive out. We aim to save you time and money on repair estimates.

Save Time and Money with Video Chat Estimates

We know that everyone is on a budget. And shopping for a plumber is frustrating and time consuming, so we are excited to offer plumbing estimates with live video chat as a path to save our customers time and money. When you choose live video chat to get price estimates, you save big time.

“You Instantly save up to 60% off the service diagnostic dispatch fee all reputable plumbers charge to come out.”

You Get price estimates and repair options in fractions of the time when you schedule and show our plumber your plumbing problem.

You Receive same day service tailored around your specific plumbing problem, meaning we show up with the proper repair parts the first trip.

Out of Town, No Problem!

We show you the plumbing problem before we begin the repair to present repair options to fix your plumbing problem and we show you the repair to get your final approval before payment is accepted.

Quality Control Inspections

We provide onsite training and quality control inspections to provide a high level of workmanship. We aim to provide a problem free plumbing repair when you hire us to repair your plumbing. We strive to provide a relaxed environment that you can ask questions and learn about your plumbing system. We invite you to show us your plumbing problems so we can better serve you.

Quality Materials and Warranties

The plumbing products we offer are warranted by the manufacture and we warrant our workmanship and the materials we use to install the plumbing products we offer. We do not choose materials based on the cheapest we can purchase, rather we purchase and install the most reliable plumbing products available. We take pride in providing quality plumbing repairs while using quality materials.

Discuss Your Families Needs

We listen to our customers needs when offering water heater replacements to provide options that fit the usage demands of our customers family. We learn what your needs are in the kitchen before offering garbage disposal replacements.

No Pushy Sales

We do not sell products or services you do not need. You will not find pushy plumbing salespeople here, only plumbers that offer repair solutions that fix the problem we are faced with. We are honored to serve Leander, Cedar Park and Lago Vista, TX communities.

Water Heater Repair

Water Heater Upgrades

Did you know there are upgrades when it comes to your water heater for your home?

Electric Hybrid Water Heaters

There are options when it comes to your homes water heater and you can upgrade to different types of water heaters. Such as the Electric Hybrid water heater that uses a heat pump to exchange the ambient air temperature of the surrounding water heater room to heat the water. These water heaters provide two types of heating capabilities and when usage is in high demand the water heater automatically combines both types of heating capabilities. They are a traditional electric water heater combined with a heat pump to provide the most efficient water heating and the lowest energy consumption. We usually use A. O. Smith Hybrid Water Heaters.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters is a great option for someone looking for effciency, never ending hot water and length of life of the water heater. We do not recommend Electric tankless water heaters as the electrical consumption is much greater for smaller periods of time and the efficiency of the electric tankless water heater then is measured by the reduction of time spent heating the water. The perception of savings is quickly diminished by the length of time it takes for the hot water to travel to the tap.

Gas Tankless Water Heaters

Gas tankless water heaters are more efficient by design as the gas tankless water heater last longer and is service able. The propane gas and the natural gas model have hot water circulation capabilities that the electric models just can not provide. Many of the gas tankless models offer features that make the units user friendly while giving the homeowner more control of when the hot water circulation mode starts and stops. The gas tankless water heaters are designed to provide endless hot water at the highest energy star ratings making them upwards of 98% efficient. Many of these units a warranted upwards of 20 years and require minimal service or maintenance. Our favorite gas tankless water heater is Rinnai. Gas tankless water heaters make a great addition to your home while providing never ending hot water for all your family’s needs.

Can Do Plumbing offers water heater consultation and price estimates in person at your home or with live video chat while you show us from your home. To learn more about how we can help meet the demands of your families water heating needs contact us today.

Video Chat a Plumber

Plumbing Estimates, Show Us To Get Price Instantly

How fast can you get plumbing estimates using Live Video Chat Pro Services?

Really fast, like there is no faster way to provide our customers an accurate estimate to date.

Live Video Chat Pro Services put our technicians face to face with price shopping customers faster than any other path. We believe the faster we can begin interacting with new customers the better. We have implemented Live Video Chat Pro Services by Video Chat A Pro to achieve this.

We offer to diagnose your plumbing problem with use of Live Video Chat Services so that we can see what you need repaired. The use of this service allows us to show up with the correct materials the first time, saving you time. The Live Video Chat Service allows us to service your homes plumbing more efficiently, while presenting repair options that fit your budget. Time is an important factor to our customers but saving both money and time interests them even more. There is no longer a need to pay high service diagnostic fees, to find out how much a your specific plumbing repair or replacement will cost. We want our customers to know how much we charge before we waste their time or ours.

Live Video Chat Pro Services allow us to perform onsite quality control inspections on every call to further provide better service to our customers. We use live Video Chat Pro Services to provide our technicians with onsite training to offer better workmanship to provide consistent plumbing repairs.

Live Video Chat Pro Service allows our customers to show our technicians the problems to build trust in our technician, learn about the problem and get accurate repair estimate. Live Video Chat Pro Service plumbing estimates require only between 10 and 20 minutes depending on how long the customer needs our consultation. Once estimate has been given a date and time can be chosen. We will show up on time with the proper materials to complete the plumbing repair or replacement.

Get your plumbing estimates through Can Do Plumbing the next time you need a local plumber in Lago Vista, Leander or Cedar Park areas.

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Video Chat a Plumber

Plumbing Repair Price Over the Phone

You can now get a plumbing repair price over the phone with Can Do Plumbing. The most popular repair plumbers charge a service fee to come out and usually can not get there for a couple days. So you spend the whole day searching the internet looking for an estimate over the phone, leaving messages, waiting for plumbers to call you back. There are companies that offer free estimates to come out but they do not usually give prices over the phone.

We have decided to give the customer what they ask for, an estimate over the phone. We have implemented Live Video Chat Pro Services to give estimates at a lower cost and much faster than sending a service vehicle and a service technician to your home. To participate visit https://videochatapro.com/profiles/plumbers-can-do-plumbing to instantly schedule your plumbing repair service estimate. A direct link button can be found on our website https://www.candoplumber.com/.