Bathroom Faucet Repair & Replacement

Can Do Plumbing will give you options of repairing your faucet or replacing your faucet.

Bathroom Faucet Repair & Options

At Can Do Plumbing we provide bathroom faucet repair. Our Can Do Plumbers can inspect your faucet piping to make sure everything is plumbed correctly. Bathroom piping is an overlooked area that can cause damage from leaking piping.

First, we inspect your current faucet and share with you the repair or replacement options. We provide faucet repair and replacement for Lago Vista, Jonestown, Point Venture, Cedar Park and Marble Falls.

Single handle faucets adjust the water pressure and temperature all in one handle.

Standard Centerset faucets have 2 handles that are placed close together.

Widespread faucets have space between the spout and handles. These are usually easier to clean around.

Wall Mount faucets can be installed if plumbed through the wall. These can be done during new construction or a remodel.

Vessel faucets are to be used with a vessel mount sink. The bowl of the sink sits on top of the counter. For a functional faucet it needs to be taller.

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