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Your bathtub plumbing needs to be in tip top working order. After all it is supposed to be the most peaceful place in your home. At Can Do Plumbing we know how important an awesome bath or shower can make you feel. Choose the bathtub plumbing repair specialists to fix your luxury bathtub faucets today.

Plumbing for Custom Bathtubs

Have you seen the many options for bathtubs in 2023? Firstly, what type of tub do you want? Of course, we can install any new bathtub you want. Because we are plumbers, we can remove your old bathtub and move the plumbing to accommodate your dream bathtub. Secondly. our team can replace the wallboard, install tile and even build new walls. 

Obviously, the new bathtub fillers are the trending fashion and are a very nice addition to your custom bathroom. Every tub filler is a custom installation and requires alterations to the piping system. Some of the more extravagant tub fillers require the valve to be located on the floor. These are meant to be paired with free-standing tubs. 

Did you know that bathtub drains are becoming more innovative? Today’s high-end free-standing tubs utilize drain assemblies with magnetic stoppers that eliminate the need for overflow.  Always hire a plumbing company that specializes in bathtubs.

Last but not least, bathtub drains will require cleaning sometime during your ownership of a home, call on Can Do Plumbing to help with your bathtub today.

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