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A sewage grinder pump forces your sewage it to the city tap at your property line. Most every home in Lago Vista has a grinder pump. 

You should call now because we are a local plumbing company that offers sewage grinder pump repair.

Why Sewage Grinder Pumps

Firstly, the sewage grinder pump is used when the terrain is very hilly. Because of the hilly terrain a grinder pump is used to grind then pump your sewage through the city tap at your property line. Secondly, all the grinder pumps in Lago Vista force the sewage to the sewage treatment plant.

They can last as little as 1 year when abused and upwards of 15 years when properly maintained.

Warning signs your grinder pump is malfunctioning are bubbling in the toilet bowl, sewage water flowing up from a tub or shower drain or a backed up toilet.

An alarm should be present on the control panel that is located on the exterior of your home.

Pump basins should be installed so to keep the pump submerged in water. These sewage grinder pumps are submersible pumps and are required to stay under water to stay cool. Some pumps are installed incorrectly and the basin is to shallow to allow this. 

Lago Vista requires the grinder pump use three floats to operate. On, Off and Alarm are the functions of the panel.

Floats tip upside down the switch operates the pump until the off float comes down and the switch turns the pump off.

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2 lb. Jar of Bio-Clean

6 month supply of Bio-Clean to safely clean your drains, piping and grinder pump or septic tank.

Local Delivery Only for 78645 zip code.

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6 month supply, $49.95 a Jar

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