Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage Disposal Replacement

Most homeowners utilize the kitchen to cook and prepare food for the family. The kitchen sink is the most used kitchen work station when it comes to cooking and preparing food. Most fruits, vegetables and meats will require washing to ensure cleanliness. Many food scraps make there way to the kitchen sink and will be ground into tiny pieces to pass through the drain. The garbage disposal is the appliance that grinds up all the food scraps that make their way to the kitchen sink.

There are many brands to choose from and the garbage disposal is priced by how much horse power the electric motor produces. Some garbage disposals have special features that make them more reliable such as automatically reversing to unjam or bio charge to help with septic systems. The garbage disposal can be sized determined on how often the kitchen is used to prepare meals. A family that eats out and never cooks may want to purchase a cheaper garbage disposal as the use will be minimal. A large family that cooks 3 meals and eats snacks all day would want a more expensive, more reliable garbage disposal to handle the food scraps and protect the plumbing drainage system better.

Garbage disposals grind food scraps differently, come in different sizes and some make the food waste pass through the drainage system better than others. The smaller the food scraps are, the easier they pass through the plumbing system. So the better the garbage disposal, the less likely you are to have clogged drains. For instance a disposal that does not grind food scraps to sizes smaller than coffee grounds will not grind the coffee grounds allowing them to easily pass through and become clogged as where a better garbage disposal grinds the food scraps to smaller than coffee grounds will grind coffee grounds even smaller making them pass through the plumbing drainage system with-out a drain clog.

The most popular brands are listed below

InSinkErator- https://insinkerator.emerson.com/en-us

Whirlaway- https://www.wasteking.com/whirlaway

Waste King- https://www.wasteking.com/

Consumer Report Best Brands-


There are many choices for today’s homeowner when it comes to choosing a garbage disposal. Choosing the best can be challenging fro today’s consumer because of advertising. The best place to look for advice for your next purchase is the local repair plumber. The plumber works with many brands and has the most accurate information when looking to compare different brands.

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