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It may be time for a new toilet, as the toilet gets older the glazing begins to wear off.

This causes the objects to get hung up in the toilet.

We provide toilet repair and replacement services near you.

Plumbers Install and Repair Toilets

At Can Do Plumbing we provide toilet repair service and replacement. We will check out your toilet piping to make sure everything is plumbed correctly.

First, we inspect your current toilet and share with you the repair or replacement options. We provide toilet repair service and replacement.

We offer toilet replacement options. Schedule in-home toilet repair services to have a plumber come out to offer a repair solution to your toilet problems.

Two piece toilets are the most common toilets. It has 2 pieces, the bowl and the tank. They come in different bowl styles (elongated and round). Round is standard and you can upgrade to an elongated bowl if there is space. They also have different heights available (standard or comfort height). Comfort height toilets are taller.

One piece toilets comes in one piece and have a more contemporary look. Many people decide on a one piece toilet because they are easier to clean. There is no difference in function.

Wall Mounted toilets are normally in commercial applications, however, there are residential applications. These need to be completely plumbed different to go out through the wall. This can be done in a plumbing remodel.

New Toilet Installations Near Muskegon, MI

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