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It may be time for a new toilet because as the toilet gets older the glazing begins to wear off the trap-way. All of a sudden this causes the poops and paper to get hung up in the toilet trap way. Certainly, we repair toilets but mostly we just replace them. Surely you have scrubbed that toilet for many years however the hard water and abrasive cleaners have taken their toll on the shiny smooth finish of the bowl. Today is a great day to hire the best plumber for your toilet replacement.

Economical Toilet Repair

To date, we provide toilet replacement services. Firstly, we will check out your toilet to see if repair is possible. Secondly, we share with you the repair or replacement options we offer and the price of each. Lastly, we prefer to look at your situation without driving because we see no reason to waste our time if you can not afford a professional toilet replacement.

Basically, two piece toilets are the most common toilets. Being that it has 2 pieces, the bowl, and the tank. Generally, they come in different bowl styles (elongated and round). Overall they also have 2 different heights available (standard or comfort/ADA height). Comfort/ADA height toilets are taller.

The first thing to remember is that one-piece toilets come as one piece and have a more contemporary look. Moreover, many people decide on one-piece toilets because they are easier to clean however there is no difference in function.

Meanwhile, wall-mounted toilets are commonly found in commercial applications. However, there are residential applications. Particularly, these toilets need to be installed and plumbed completely differently to mount to a carrier that is mounted inside the wall. Consequently, this has to be done during a bathroom addition or remodel because altercations to the structure of the home may be necessary for proper installation of the toilet carriers that actually support the toilet.

New Toilet Installations for Your Home

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Located in Twin Lake, MI. Evidence supports the fact that we have been providing quality toilet replacements since 2018. Stop wasting time and just get a new toilet for your home today!