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At Can Do Plumbing we can repair water heaters when it is malfunctioning. You should call now because we can repair water leaks on the pipes that connect to your water heater today.

First, we inspect your current water heater and share with you the cost to repair.

Secondly, we evaluate the age and the amount of sediment in the tank before presenting water heater replacement options. 

Tank type water heaters are the most common type of water heater. They can range in size from 10 gallons to 80 gallons for residential plumbing. We service all brands of water heaters. Tank type water heaters usually last on average about 10 years but can hang in there up to 17 years. If you maintenance the water heater properly you will see a longer life. They are not as efficient as tank-less water heaters.

We recommend tank-less water heaters by Rinnai. Tank-less water heaters are powered by natural gas or propane.

They are rated by how many GPM of water they will heat.

To properly size a tank-less water heater you must count the bathrooms and expect them to all be used at the same time.

Proper installation of the tank-less water heater will increase the lifetime. Maintenance is also required.

Tank-less water heaters provide endless hot water and are more efficient then tank type water heaters.

Is a water heater that transfers the ambient heat from air to to heat the water.

It is a tank type water heater that is more efficient. It costs less to operate.

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water heater repair
Check out the options to heat your homes water. You can upgrade to different types of water heaters. Such as the Electric Hybrid water heater that uses a heat pump to exchange the ambient air temperature of the surrounding water heater room to heat the water. Click image to read more.
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