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Today would be a great day to have us fix your leaky hose faucet. Firstly, this would keep water from pooling up and creating a mud puddle. Secondly, it would prevent water from possibly leaking into your basement.

Do you need a plumber to fix that leaky hose faucet today? Evidently, you should stop shopping for a cheap plumber and call an expert right now! Otherwise, there is no need to prolong the replacement any longer because we can fix your leaky hose faucet today! 

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Obviously, you know that the exterior hose faucets on your home serve as the connection point for your water hose and sometimes you stretch them too far.

Since the plumbing code states that the hose faucet should be secured to the wall. Subsequently, if yours is loose we suggest that you fasten the hose faucet to the wall to prevent the pipe from breaking.

Surely, at some point, everyone pulls the water hose across the yard. Undoubtedly, if it breaks off the wall it will cause an emergency situation requiring your water to be shut off until it is fixed.

Specifically, for your information and to educate you, all plumbing codes require that all hose faucets be paired with a vacuum breaker to prevent back siphoning.

Particularly, the vacuum breaker allows air to enter the system to break the back siphoning of water in the water hose.

Basically, we install hose faucets on all types of buildings.

In most cases, the piping is accessed from inside the home in the basement. Water piping should be securely strapped to prevent movement.

Outside faucets can be added to your home once access is gained to the pipe. New piping can be installed overhead in the basement to the new location. 

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