Shower Repair and Installation

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Firstly there is no reason to look any longer for an honest plumber to design, install, or repair your custom shower in Muskegon County today. Results prove you have stumbled on the best plumber to work on your bathroom already. 

At the present time, you should stop searching and just schedule to get an estimate to install a new bath shower or to build a new custom shower. Due to the fact that life is short and we will do a good job, you should just call now to enjoy the rest of your day.

Bathtub Shower Installation

Obviously, there are many services related to shower plumbing such as replacing the shower valve with a new one, moving shower valves for remodels or just repairing a dripping shower valve. Of course, shower drains require cleaning from time to time. Certainly, our plumber can take care of this for you. Not to mention the equipment we use is made to clean shower drains. Evidently, it removes organic matter that builds up in the shower drain to restore flow. From time to time we replace broken shower drain pipes when the drain is broken.

Additionally, we repair shower systems that have body sprayers and thermo-static valves.

Seeing that we offer custom shower design services, let us design the perfect custom shower layout that thrills you.

Basically, we replace shower valves and replace shower fixture trims when they are available.

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Design and Installation of Showers

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