Plumber to Fix Your Sump Pump

Evidently, the sewer sump pump lifts the sewage from the basement to the sewer or septic tank. At any rate, a sewer pump can last for many years but will eventually fail. Additionally, without proper maintenance, it will not last as long as it could.  

Eventually, you will need a plumber who knows how to repair or replace your sewer pump. Of course, you will need it repaired or replaced on the same day in most cases.

Sewer Basement Pump Repair

Firstly, the sewer pump is used to lift sewage pump lifts sewage to the septic or the city sewer. Because the basement bathrooms and laundry areas are below the sewer tap or septic tank a lift pump is needed to lift the sewage to dispose of it properly. Empathetically speaking they can last as little as 1 year when abused and upwards of 15 years when properly maintained. Consequently, the warning signs that your pump is malfunctioning are bubbling in the toilet bowl, sewage water flowing up from a tub or shower drain, or a backed-up toilet. Certainly, there can be an alarm installed on the control panel and that would be located near the lift pump.

Altogether, pump basins should be installed deep enough to keep the pump submerged in water. Because these pumps are submersible and are required to stay underwater to stay cool. However, most pumps we replaced were installed incorrectly because the basin was too shallow to allow the pump to remain submerged in water so we replaced them with deeper basins. 

Basement Sewer Pump Repair

Things found in sump pump basins

Plumber to Repair Your Sewage Sump Pump


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